The project creates a dragon ball storyline as you dream thr

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The project creates a dragon ball storyline as you dream thr

Messagepar Seon Tery le Mar Août 07, 2018 6:41

:P I am a cartoonist and i like dragonball when i was a child , I think there will be people like me in the world who love dragonball as part of life, which is why I became a doujinshi dragonball manga artist. I sometimes wonder if the dragonball story is altered because of past events that affect the future, and how the story will happen, if that day the vegeta was killed by the krill on Earth. What will happen? If frieza intended to kill and destroy planet namex before the group goku come to like? The storyline you dream about dragonball will be created into a manga and introduced to everyone, imagine the iconic story associated with your author's name will create attraction to others and make you become. special. Create a story and be immersed in the excitement of seeing your own storyline become a really cool manga! right! This is your chance - that is my chance. Together combine and create a mysterious and mysterious world from dragonball. Contact me via the link if you really want me to draw your ideas into reality. Right now I wait for you. :) :wave: Image Image Image [b][/b]
Seon Tery
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